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Is Third World Immigration a Threat to Americas Way of Life?


Third World Immigration Not A Threat To the Americas Way of Life (Your Name (Your School


American is a land of different cultures . Although there are Native Americans , majority of the population is said to have immigrated to America in their dream for a new land . Known as the new land , America has traditionally attracted many people from different parts of the world in search for the American dream . America is land of boiling culture and

this is may be the hands that have made her . The increased flow of immigrant to America may be the reason for the growth of the country . A good number of initial immigrants to the country were from third world countries especially from West Africa who worked in the sugar plantation and helped to build the American economy . Immigrants from third world countries provide labor force to and therefore they should not be seen as a threat

The increasing non white majority

Under the 2000 census one of the major outcomes was that by 2050 majority of the American are non white . However there is no clear definition of this nonwhite population . We have to realize that these definitions are absurd as biological category is becoming more and more dubious in the country . The definition of minority in the nation is also absurd as most of the Hispanic origins are considered as white (Wattenberg , 2002

Since the discovery of the new land , there has been increasing immigration in the land . Between 1991 and 2000 America admitted more immigrants than it had done in the previous years . It is estimated that there were about 10 to 11 million immigrants . The every decade , the growing American economy attracts more legal and illegal immigrants

Those criticizing the increased immigration of third world resident argue that they are likely to bring in third world chaos to the country which is not true . What can anyone talk about the rise of Ku Klux Klan Were it advanced by the third world immigrants ? No . But the trend in immigration has been reducing with time . For example in 1910 the number of those who were foreign born was 15 percent while in 1999 they were 10 percent of the American population . Like the case of ethics boat where America is seen as a boat in sea with floating immigrants who want to be admitted , I think that the boat has the capacity to rescue more drowning people (Wattenberg , 2002

It has been confirmed that the increasing immigrant keep the American population growing . According to the UN data , if American maintained a zero rate of immigration , it population is going to shrink owing to the reduced fertility level . According to the recent global development numbers are becoming important in the global economy . A country like China has grown so rapidly owing to a high population . A large population provides taxes , labor , consumption , and others which drive the...

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