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Thesis Statement and Research on Energy Questions


Search for Alternative Renewable Energy Resources (Name of Author (Institution (Instructor 's Name (Class

Search for Alternative Renewable Energy Resources

The use of alternative energy sources to alleviate reliance to fossil fuels and to protect the environment should be implemented . Non renewable fossil fuels including coal , natural gas and petroleum have been the traditional source of energy all over the world . Dependency of different countries in these non renewable fossil fuels and its detrimental effect to the environment has been a major point of discussion of

environmental groups as well as policy makers

According to Demirbas (2002 , there are basically three energy sources categories . Energy sources can be classified as fossil fuels , renewable sources and nuclear sources . Fossil fuels are energy sources that are more likely to be depleted and can not be retrieved while renewable energy resources are those that are consistently or infinitely available . Renewable energy sources can be derived from biomass or organic matter , geothermal or heat from the earth , solar , water and wind . Other sources of renewable energy include methanol and biomass coming from plants and animals . At present times , fossil fuels represent 80 .1 of the world 's energy supply and only 13 .6 represents the renewable sources (Goldemberg , 2007 ,


Due to modernization and presence of highly fuel-dependent technologies , the fossil fuel reserve is continuously depleting Researchers theorize that the depletion of these fossil fuels may bring problems regarding its allocation and distribution since only few countries are known to have such fossil fuel reserves . Furthermore different environmental groups are pointing out that the used of coal petroleum and natural gas greatly contributes to the problem of global warming and climate change (Demirbas , 2002 ,

.231 . Thus , the used of alternative sources of energy are being proposed

Renewable Energy Sources

As mentioned above , there are different sources of renewable energy The used of solar , geothermal , hydrothermal and wind energy have been long proposed as an answer to substitute (or if not , supplement ) the non renewable fossil fuels . Although studies regarding these sources of renewable energy have been thoroughly presents and analyzed , still , it is used by only a small percentage of the world 's population

Solar energy as the term implies , utilize the energy coming from the sun and convert this to a form which can be used to generate electricity and heat . The main concern in using this type of alternative energy is the problem of efficiently capturing and storing the sun 's energy . At night or during inclement days , there is a need to used backups like batteries , in which the source of energy was also derived from the sun

The next known alternative energy is the energy derived from the wind This type of energy basically makes used of triple-bladed windmills and capture the motion of the wind . The kinetic energy generated from the wind 's motion is then converted to mechanical or electrical energy . Just like the solar energy , this alternative source of energy...

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