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Paper Topic:

Thermal imager

Thermal Imagers : Saving Lives , Saving Property


Presented to Eric Moore , Instructor

California State University , Long Beach

In Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for the Course

OCST , 388I , Section - , Technology Literacy (Fill in your Section

Submitted by John Doe

October 30 , 2007

Technology is part of human existence . The dominant species called Homo sapiens were able to rule this planet because of their ability to use available resource at their disposal to create something that was not there before and then use it to solve

problems . And so man invented the telephone for communication the car for transportation the printing press for spreading ideas , gas stove for cooking etc . His appetite for invention did not wane as the centuries go by and it seems that everyday new things are discovered

New knowledge , expertise , and equipment can sometimes be labeled as contemporary technology . This means that this technology is in use today and not some archaic tool or system that was used in the medieval period . It is contemporary technology that promises to improve the lives of modern man and it is also a technology that provides solution to some of the desperate needs of modern society . An example of this kind of technology is the Thermal Imagers ( TI ) a technology first used by the military and now becoming popular with search and rescue operations and firefighting

This will present an overview of the technology from its history in the military to its subsequent adaptation into civilian use . This study will also look at the future use of the device as well as its impact in the world of rescue and operations and firefighting


Some of the many useful tools and equipment that are indispensable in the modern world can trace its roots in the military . This is understandable because an organization like the U .S . or British Armed forces are organizations that can demand for large amounts of research funding . A ton of resources can be diverted their way and their top researchers and scientists are not constrained by any limitation except on what they presently know about the problem at hand and previous research made with regards to the same

Thermal Imagers is an example of such a device that was originally intended for military use and then finds its way into civilian use Thus , there are two distinct paths in the development of the TI the first path is the invention of the device for military use and currently being improved for efficiency and accuracy in combat . The second path is a branching out to civilian use and currently being improved to serve search and rescue organizations foremost of all is the firefighting group

In the case of the military before the creation of the TI there is no way of determining the location of the enemy when operating in darkness . There is also no way of finding enemy sniper units when they are using effective camouflage . There is also no means of...

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