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Running Head : Application of Theories

Application of Theories

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Application of Theories

Since decades , scholars , intellectuals , and theorists have endeavored to explain various issues of human life by proposing their analyses justifications , and theories , in to acquire a better understanding of different factors related to humans , and to resolve issues in human society as well . In such an attempt , psychology has played a vital and crucial role in providing efficient understanding of such issues . In specific , this will attempt to identify few theories , and

will endeavor to apply them in contemporary societies , particularly in nonwestern societies around the globe

In this regard , structural strain theory can be applied to contemporary society . According to this theory , crimes are the result of social strains that enforce an individual to commit crime , in to accomplish his /her objectives and goals . This theory can easily be applied in multicultural and non-western societies where individuals from different background commit crimes due to social factors according to social strain theory (Bhargava , 2006 . Another theory identified during research is social disorganization theory that states that disorganization of communities is a major cause of crime in developing countries . In other words , social control in traditional components of society , such as family , neighbors , friends , etc breaks up that results in crime

Some of the other Western theories applicable in contemporary non-western societies are Cannon-Bard theory that identifies human actions as outcome of private emotions . In another theory , such as two-factor theory...

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