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Theory of Organization (Luther Gulick)

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31 January 2009

Theory of Organization (Luther Gulick

Luther Halsey Gulick was born on the 4th of December , 1865 at Honolulu (Infed . The first fifteen years of his life Gulick spent away from Hawaii , traveling around the world with his parents - Congregationalist missionaries . In 1884 he began studying physical education at Oberlin but had to quit due to serious health complications . He resumed his education at Cambridge School of Physical Training in 1885 . Throughout his life , he was working to improve the quality

of physical education (primarily , its organizational aspects . He is considered to be the author and the inventor of basketball (Infed . His administrative skills were excellently well realized in his being the secretary of the American Association for the Advancement of Physical Education . Gulick is the author of numerous organizational initiatives . He was among the founders of several physical education associations (Infed Nevertheless , his name is mostly associated with the concept of the span of control , so widely used in the present day theory of organization

Gulick 's commitment to team work and collective values was the foundation of his famous theory of organization . Gulick used the span of control as the central measure of the organization 's efficiency in the long run . Gulick 's theory of organization is unique in a sense that it determines and analyzes the three critical variables related to span of control in organizations . Diversification of function , time (stability and size and space should be taken...

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