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Being a powerful tool in today 's world , the media play a vital role in providing accurate and objective information to the people . Objectivity and ethics call for expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings , prejudices , or interpretations (Myrick , 2002 . Thus , journalism exists to fulfill people 's intrinsic need ' or an instinct , to know what is occurring beyond their direct experience , thus , it is expected that journalists first obligation is to the truth (Sullivan , 2006 . News media practitioners such as journalists and television news anchors

have been constantly criticized regarding distortion of facts , bias , and lack of objectivity (Myrick , 2002 . The case in point is the prominent major network news anchor , found to have knowingly utilized unsubstantiated documents of an alleged misconduct of a presidential candidate

Applying the libertarian theory of the press , the news anchor has the right to express himself or herself freely , as it is the fundamental right of free individuals ' to express themselves . He or she is free to criticize the presidential candidate for the alleged misconduct done This may cause harm to the candidate only on a short term basis , but this is the best safeguard ' for a free and liberal society in the long run (Ward , 2005 . In addition , libertarian theory states that information is knowledge and knowledge is power ' Thus , whatever information about the presidential candidate , even destructive , will be regarded by the people as an unlimited access ' to the news anchor 's ideas and thoughts for them to decide whether to believe in the candidate or not . Since most people would view whatever information this news anchor says as true , this truth , according to English poet John Milton , has therefore a right to assert itself freely and openly Based on the theory , if the anchor is silenced for his or her opinion the public is probably silencing the truth . Moreover , even if the anchor 's opinion or information is wrong , it may contain a grain of truth necessary for finding the whole truth (North Carolina Wesleyan College , 2004

On the other hand , looking at the social responsibility theory , it is the news anchor 's first duty to provide a full , truthful comprehensive , and intelligent account ' of people and events since he or she is primarily accountable to the public that relies on him or her for an active exchange of comment and criticism in society . With a major task in his or her shoulders , the news anchor should present and clarify the `goals and values of society (McQuail , 1994 , and lies or unsubstantiated claims made is neither a goal nor a value of this society . Furthermore , social responsibility holds that there should be a balance between news media 's freedom of the press and its responsibilities to the public . As such , the news anchor should provide only well-contextualized ' and accurate information . His or her duty goes beyond entertaining his or her public in which he or she has already established a relationship with , but doing...

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