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Theoretical Orientation

1 (5 points ) Why , in your opinion , are people the way they are Essentially , what is your view of human nature

Personality is more than poise , charm , or physical appearance . It includes habits , attitudes , and all the physical , emotional , social religious and moral aspects that a person possesses . However , to be more precise , the explicit behavioral styles covered in the course , perhaps best captivate an individual 's personality and how he /she is understood With the different behavioral styles , an overall pattern of various characteristics is seen . Like a psychograph ' a person

's pro is pulled together and at a glance , the individual can be compared with other people in terms of relative strengths and weaknesses (Corey 2005

It is tempting to distinguish healthy adolescents from adolescents with mental illness problems . However , there is often a fine line between mental health and mental illness . It is important to understand that mental illnesses vary in their severity . For example , many adolescents suffered from various levels of anxiety or depression . Others have suffered from serious mental diss with biological origins Education about the adolescents` mental illness is vital for those with mental health problems as well as for the adolescents` friends and family (Corey 2005

2 (10 points ) What is your theoretical orientation ? Which one counseling theory fits best for you , if you had to choose only one ( use BEHAVIOR THERAPY ? Provide details about what you like about the theory . Explain why this approach fits best for you

This model utilizes what is termed as the learning theory posited by Skinner and Watson and the rest of the Behaviorism school . It assumes that the principles in learning i .e , conditioning (Associative and Operant ) are effective means to effect change in an individual Generally , the thrust of this theoretical perspective is focused on the symptoms that a person is experiencing . Just as many of the errors of the patterns of behavior come from learning from the environment , it is also assumed that an individual will be able to unlearn some if not all these by using the techniques as applied based on the learning principles . To a certain extent I believe that this still works reinforcements are effective to some extent and in some or many people hence I am incorporating this stance separate or distinct from the Cognitive-Behavioral approach . In behavior therapy therefore , thoughts feelings and all those malfunctioning ' and unwanted manifestations revealed in one 's activities can be unlearned and the work of a behavior therapist . The basic concepts include extinguishing ' - utilized when maladaptive patterns are then weakened and removed and in their place habits that are healthy are established (developed and strengthened ) in a series or progressive approach called successive approximations When these (factors ) are reinforced such as through rewards in intrinsic and extrinsic means , the potential of a more secure and steady change in behavior is developed and firmly established (Corey 2005 . Although few psychologists today would regard themselves as strict behaviorists behaviorism has been very influential...

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