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Theology of human suffering

Running Head : Theology of Human Suffering

Theology of Human Suffering

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Theology of Human Suffering

Human creation is bound with different experiences of life , both of happiness and suffering with both the states coming hand in hand , as it is believed that if suffering had not existed in the world man would have never found the dynamic of being satisfied , the very presence of laughter , joy , and happiness being nullified . However , those who suffer need to find a way out of their grief , find a

support to cling to and believe in the world once again . For that , theologies around the world have taken various forms , from being highly philosophical , to being historical , but it is usually religious theories and inclinations , which support humankind the most around the world , as they provide him with a link to a more superior , whom they believe with faith and piety

The book , When Bad Things Happen to Good People ' starts with describing the personal tragedy and discomfort in life seen by the author himself , after his son Aaron 's young death from premature aging He was a pious and religious man , believing in fate and destiny to be defined by God alone but after the tragedy befell him , his concepts and piety was dismantled . Thus , the book describes his journey of going away from faith , and then returning to the amnesty of God , with greater devotion and belief , with the intention of spreading the message of finding seclusion...

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