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Theme bringing the following three books together, `Sula`, `The Color Purple` and `The Sun Also Rises`

Racism is about control . In southern literature this control is very prevalent . In this essay the focus of identity in The Color Purple Sula , and The Sun Also Rises will be scrutinized , dissected , and analyzed . Since racism , misogyny , and identity are about control , the unfettering of such belligerence becomes didactic in the making of these novels

In The Color Purple it is not about how racism affects only the black population but how it affects the entire community , how demonic a person can become because they seek power and control over another

person , and how that persuasion can emphasis the evil in humanity

Celie is raped throughout her life she is disgraced and restrained from feeling love from her father , her husband and the men she 's known Celia 's deep-bedded resentment towards men becomes clear only when she discovers Nettie 's letters from Africa . With this realization , the fact that Nettie had kept in touch with her and that her husband had hidden the letters , Celia is freed from her seeming obligatory submission

Celie is raped by her father , and her husband in turn she believes this is how relationships function between the two sexes . In this belief Celie is guided to advise her stepson Harpo to in turn beat his wife Sofia , as Celie writes of a conversation with Sofia , She say , All my life I had to fight . I had to fight my daddy . I had to fight my brother . I had to fight my cousins and my uncles . A girl child ain 't safe in a family of men . But I never thought I 'd have to fight in my own house . She let out her breath . I loves Harpo , she say . God knows I do . But I 'll kill him dead before I let him beat me . Now if you want a dead son-in-law you just keep on advising him like you doing . She put her hand on her hip . I used to hunt game with a bow and arrow , she say I stop the little trembling that started when I saw her coming . I 'm so shame of myself , I say . And the Lord he done whip me little bit too (38 . In the strain of relations between women , there is a decisive support system despite the overall encompassing of racism , hate , and misogyny . The women in The Color Purple find strength together despite Shug being Celie 's husband 's mistress , and despite Celia advising Harpo to beat Sofia . Celie , however , is the uniting power between the women Through her abrasive beatings , her deprivation from love from a man , and her all consuming mistreatment from her husband , Celie rises above physical and emotional torture by depending on Nettie and news about Celie 's children she pulls the love she needs from her sister and each relationship she has with a woman

After the degradation that Celie endures and the newfound strength with which Nettie has supplied her sister , Celie confronts her `father . In so...

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