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A Theme `Love in LA`

Dagoberto Gilb

Love In LA

Upon reading the short descriptive story of Love in LA by Gilb Dagoberto , you can see that it is story about love . Not the typical love story of two couples meeting accidentally and having a happy ending but it is a love story of a man loving himself . Jake , as the main character of the story is a musician in his mid twenties , owning an old 58 Buick type of car , and just recently moved from Texas going to LA in hoping to find fortune and reach

his dreams . Jake portrays the role of being the usual crass , slovenly , egocentric man with high ambition but has a lazy and irresponsible attitude (Gilb 279

Ironic it may seem , but Gilb used descriptive words for readers to imagine the implicit values and character of Jake . Being a man with so many desires but less of actions , we could not say that Jake is an ideal , responsible man (Gilb 279 . Furthermore , it does not really show that Jake is in love because during his first meeting with Mariana bumping on her at the freeway , he attempted to escape from the incident if not from the traffic . Love means trust and so , no one can say they are in love when they just saw the person once . Love also does not tolerates lying . It is not love once you cannot disclose your true self to other person . Pretensions make people unclear of knowing who they really are and Jake just showed Mariana the same phony facade and image of himself . In love , you should be complete before you share with anybody else . Jake has no stable job , plus , he doesn 't seem so serious in living his life . He does not even care if there is tomorrow . He has many dreams but he does not do any actions to achieve what he wants Except for the getting the attention of the girl he finds attractive

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