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Thematic Synthesis

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Of Friendship ' by Francis Bacon and Friendship ' by Ralph Waldo Emerson : A Comparison

Friendship is practical and a way of life . It is practical because it resolves the conflicts you are experiencing through reflection , your friends help you without you telling them . The efficiency of friendship lies on how you communicate with your friends . It is a way of life because it mirrors your values and attitude as a person . According to a

br famous saying , Birds of the same feather flock together . Usually friends have the same interest , opinion , habits and activities . The essays Of friendship ' by Francis Bacon and Friendship ' by Ralph Waldo Emerson revolves on the theme of how friendship becomes practical and a way of life . Same is the point of view of William Rawlins which says that

As a cultural category and source of imagery about ideal human relationships and social being , the term friendship " usually evokes positive connotations . Its ideal

typical characteristics include the freedom to choose and maintain one 's bonds with others voluntarily , the personalized recognition of and response to particular individuals ' intrinsic worth as human beings , the pursuit of equality based on the corresponding validity of friends ' subjective experiences , a shared orientation of mutual good will , understanding , trust , support , and acceptance , and heartfelt feelings of platonic affection and concern (271

First will be the discussion of the style . Bacon 's essay is impersonal brief and descriptive ,using figures of speech and detailed while Emerson 's is personal , unabridged and poetic just like the first sentence of his essay We have a great selfishness that chills like east winds the world , the whole human family is bathed with an element of love like a fine ether , using similes and

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metaphors and other figures of speech . Emerson 's style is conversational and subjective . Bacon 's style uses a smooth transition touching one subject after another in an abrupt manner and sentences are fluid while in Emerson 's coherence is improved , explaining every idea that he has in mind . The same idea is given by Edwin Abbot

It would seem that Bacon 's habit of collecting choice words and phrases , to express his meaning exactly , briefly , or ornately , had from a very early date the effect of repelling some of his hearers by the interspersion of unusual expressions and metaphors ( 450

Next will be the discussion of the essay 's focus , content and organization .The essay accomplishes to instill to the mind of the reader the message it wants to convey . The words are clearly defined except for those old English that was used . Both are appropriate to individuals reading the essay and it does consider the needs and expectation of the reader . Both are supported with adequate details and evidences .The choices of the words are just . Emerson 's essay does not really get my attention due to its length , it becomes boring to read...

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