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The Thematic Synthesis Using Two Sources


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The Story of an Hour ' and The Kiss

By Kate Chopin

The thematic similarities between The Story of an Hour ' and The Kiss ' are very evident . These similarities represent the core of the author 's view of womanhood , responsibility , and freedom . The mentioned principles will not be tackled in this because of philosophical complications . The similarities will be discussed with academic audacity . It is important to note , however , that such similarities are never identical that is , a thematic proposition may be convulsed by

br another seemingly unrelated theme . If two themes are to be compared then it must be assumed to be arbitrarily independent of other themes This will make analysis simpler to comprehend

The short story The Story of an Hour ' is built on two general principles : womanhood and freedom (Chopin , 54 . Mrs . Mallard , the main character of the story , wept as she heard the death of her husband in a reported accident . She loved her husband and wished for his immediate return as soon as possible . However , inside her heart another desire developed . Her intrinsic desire to be freed from the clutches of womanhood was creating trembling in her body . She was sad , but somewhat happy . For a moment , she gazed on the fortitude of freedom her heart was saying , Free ! Body and soul free ' There was an overflow of joy in her heart . The joy proved everlasting . Someone opened the door . Her husband stood at the front of the door amazed at...

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