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The Well-Paid Receptionist

The Well Paid Receptionist Case Analysis

The key issues

This case presents a number of issues , which if not well addressed could negatively affect the Value over Time , VOT of the firm . Harvey Finley desperately needed an employee for his new firm not just any employee , but one who would have the necessary drive and patience to see the company through great heights

Cathy Brannen was that type of employee , and exactly what Harvey needed Cathy accepted to be paid a lower salary than she deserved , hoping that the 2 per

cent on sales incentive she had been offered by Harvey would translate into something in the future . Cathy then devoted herself fully to see the company through great success and indeed it was realized to a great extent . The 2 per cent incentive turned out to be some good money a good reward for her hard work over the years

Now Harvey realizes that Cathy earns more than double what the highest paid employee of the firm earns excluding himself . He also realizes that he can hire someone else for Cathy 's services at just 20 ,000 and not the 127 ,614 that Cathy earned in the previous year . But then he attributes the firm 's success to Cathy 's efforts and finds her indispensable

Harvey is torn between two decisions which will greatly affect the organizations VOT . The first one is to harmonize Cathy 's salary with that of the rest of his employees or fire her altogether...

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