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The Voice You Hear When You Read Silently

This gives one a deeper thought to reflect on the environment hence setting to have a clear view and positive attitude on the poem

The poet provides insight and perspective . An attitude that we should reflect on towards the subject or character in application where we are what we are doing and while reading . Hence asking ourselves what we gain from what we are reading , learning . This cultivates positive attitude in our character and study habits . The poem is varied thus holding us responsible for our thoughts at that particular moment when

br we are reading and not only restricted to this but also in any other activity that we are doing

The voice we hear when we read silently , this title not only make one eager to read further but also identifies a great tone which make one read with eagerness because of the fierce poignancy , the lucid compassion from a view that one might have known but assumed the greatness or importance of the whole or part of the existing action . We need to have a connection or a relationship between our emotions and activities and our social lives . In its self the poet is calling us for a responsive reading and writing

The poet Thomas Lux has a special control of words matching of the subject and for decorum (Silvery 236 . He puts us in a setting or a situation where we are forced to adhere to what and time theme of the poem , where due to use of imagery we relate to the ideas and develop an attitude in this case a positive attitude

In general the poet is making us respond to situations , be attentive to our surrounding . One can express in conclusion that its ' the call and inner capacity one gets from writing logically and...

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