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The Politics of Performance Appraisal

Given the importance rankings of 10 criteria , listing these in descending as improvement of employee performance , customer focus employee involvement , collective responsibility for quality , seeing performance evaluation as a quality initiative , management /supervisor development , identifying system factors , behavior /process assessment comparison with absolute standards , and assigning evaluation responsibilities to managers /supervisors . Confirms that the majority of respondents aligned their performance system to other quality systems reports the effectiveness of the systems in identifying training needs employee motivation , providing feedback and in improving organizational performance , and bar-charts respondent views on the

contribution of their performance system to overall organizational performance ( Soltani E , Van Der Meer R , Gennard J , Willians T ,2003 .Employee performance evaluation helps both the organization and the employee .By performance evaluation , the organization can identify who are the best assets of the organization and can motivate them by rewarding them and valuing as high performers of the corporation . It also directs managers to implement new strategy to improve employee performance by giving them adequate training , induction and also to attract new blood . By performance evaluation of employees , managers can give essential individual feedback to them and it helps for performance appraisal . Organizational research has highlighted the fact that human resource decisions are embedded in a complex and dynamic social context . HYPERLINK "http /www .emeraldinsight .com /Insight /ViewContentServlet ?contentType Ar ticle name Published /EmeraldFullTextArticle /Articles /11 .html " \l "idb20 idb20 " \o "b20 " Ferris and Judge (1991 ) pointed out that in to develop an informed understanding of decisions...

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