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The Plantation Mistress: Womans World in the Old South. By Catherine Clinton. New York Pantheon Books, 1982


Oppression and Women : Woman 's World in the Old South

By Catherine Clinton




Oppression and Women : Woman 's World in the Old South

By Catherine Clinton

In the late 18th century , New England was a thriving colony of English colonists , African slaves , and foreign traders . The economic prosperity brought by trade and huge plantations (especially in the South ) offered the colonies some measure of autonomy from its mother country . Royal governors , appointed by the British parliament , saw it fit to

establish guilds throughout the colonies in to train men of age for trade and commerce . In the South , men of English ancestry were usually appointed managers of royal plantations . At times , they were given agricultural lands to be tilled by African slaves . The more prosperous the colonies became , the more men 's role became highlighted

Thus , it can be said that the women of the South were entirely neglected by history . The role of women in the economic development of the colonies was seen as inferior to that of the men . How can cooking be a salient motor of wealth ' one senator from New York noted . This assumed bias of white men during the early half of the 19th century was so prevalent in the United States that women 's role were often treated with contempt

In the book , Woman 's World in the Old South , Catherine Clinton attempted to shed light on the life of women in the South , their...

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