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The Nadir of Race Relations


Shadows : An Analysis of The Nadir of Race Relations

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As an important aspect of human society , John Boles discussed in his essay , The Nadir of Race Relations , how white and black Americans dealt with the differences of their races . The author emphasized the events that took place from 1880s to 1930s . Those times were like the dark ages for the black Americans because they were severely discriminated , abused and oppressed . Boles moves on to describe the lynching and

the segregation during those times . His vivid s , facts and accounts of true cases were all to send a message to the reader . He invites the reader to see what it was like back then for black Americans and to judge the human character and society . SHADOWS : AN ANALYSIS OF THE NADIR OF RACE RELATIONS

A defining characteristic of men and women , race is something that is acquired from birth . Neither surgery nor therapy can change what race one is born into . As such , humans developed ways to differentiate themselves from others not like them . Different classes can co-exist and complement each others needs but the physical differences have led to ostracizing and even violence towards other races . John Boles , in the Nadir of Race Relations , showcased these horrible acts of men and women in a society where people are classed according to their skin color

In essence , the article discussed the relationship of white and black Americans during the...

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