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The Movie a simple plan VS Macbeth

Similarity of A Simple Plan ' and Macbeth

Greed or the extreme desire for something is a powerful theme which was best exemplified in the 1998 movie A Simple Plan ' and the classic Shakespeare 's dark play Macbeth ' Out of the greediness of the main characters , in both the film and play , comes the more dangerous prodding of their respective partners that eventually spurred all of them into further tragedy . Director Raimi 's crime thriller presented the characters of a couple and brother-in-law , who emerged as wealthy-hungry people all because of 4 .4

million loot from a crashed plane ( A Simple Plan ' Motion Picture , 1998 . The movie presented how a supposedly simple plan of hiding the money has turned into destruction . It showed how a previously clean man named Hank Mitchell , played by Bill Paxton placed himself deeper into a gluttonous cave because of his intensifying desire for the money and the mounting goad of his wife . In turn , the movie has successfully depicted how greed served as the ultimate point of realization . This is because greed has brought out the characters most dreadful personalities when they resorted into violence in place of faith . Ultimately , one 's hunger for money has manifested that even a moral person and happy marriage will be bound for destruction (Gleiberman , 1998

Shakespeare 's play is all similar to the movie in a way that the former also centered on Macbeth 's corruptive tendency and penchant for power Such similar trait of greediness was likewise intensified...

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