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The Kolb Learning Style Exercises book summary and What you learn it?


Having read about Kolb 's learning styles and exercises I am now aware that individuals are truly unique , not only in how they see the world but also in how they process the world by which they learn and understand knowledge . Kolb developed the concept of experiential learning , showing that it is a four staged cycle and that an individual is stronger in some stages than others , hence individuals learn differently as they respond to some stages better

Kolb posits that the learner relies on experience , observation

conceptualization , and experimentation . Based on these processes , his learning style would emerge depending on the dominant modes by which he learns most effectively . Hence there are the Converger , the Diverger the Assimilator , and the Accommodator

Individuals with high Concrete Experience scores learn best with specific examples where they can be involved . Those with high Reflective Observation rely on making careful observations before making judgments and they tend to be introverts . Abstract Conceptualization individuals are analytical and depend on logical thinking and systematic analysis Those with high scores on Active Experimentation respond more to an active learning orientation where they are involved doing something than passive activities

The Converger is strong on Active Experimentation and Abstract Conceptualization , making them focused on the application of ideas in practical situations and specific problems

The Diverger is strong on Concrete Experience and Reflective Observation , making use of his imagination to view situations in many perspectives

The Assimilator is best at Abstract Conceptualization and...

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