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Paper Topic:

The History of the Taliban (info on the effects of the rise and current possition of the taliban and the leaders in it)

Running head : THE TALIBAN

History of the Taliban






The Taliban is made of Pushtuns who occupy the Southern region of Afghanistan . This militia group operates on an extremist philosophy and is generally guided by the Koran by which they interpret literally . The Taliban have been responsible for several terrorism acts that have caused massive destruction in many regions across the world . Many countries , especially in the West , consider the Taliban a threat to them because of their extremist philosophies . This therefore seeks

to explore the history of the Taliban so as to find out how they came into existence , how they have been able to stay alive and also take a look at the effects that its existence has caused to the world as a whole

History of the Taliban


The Taliban are inhabitants of Afghanistan , a watershed area between the Indian subcontinent , Central Asia , China and Iran . Afghan population is made up of several ethnic groups , the Pushtuns , who occupy the Southern region making up the largest ethnic group . The Pushtuns are further subdivided into two groups the Durrani and the Ghilzai . The Northern region on the other hand is occupied by the Tajik , which makes up the second largest ethnic group . The third largest group is made up of the Hazaras who occupy the mountain region of Central Afghanistan (BNET , 2001

The Taliban are in control of over 90 of Afghanistan 's territory whereas its leadership consists predominantly of the Durrani...

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