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The Greenhouse effect

The earth experiences the Greenhouse Effect as a result of its atmospheric construction and the environmental practices that are performed by humans on the planet . The Greenhouse Effect is , first of all , a normal condition of the earth . It allows the earth to be a suitable location in the universe for life to inhabit and flourish Throughout our solar system , the adjacent planets (Venus and Mars distance from the sun makes the one closer to the sun (Venus ) too hot and the one farther from the sun (Mars ) too cold to be inhabited

by life (UCAR , 2008 . Earth , which is located between these two , finds its climate to be particularly suited to the formation and proliferation of life , and the Greenhouse Effect is responsible for this phenomenon (Morganstein , 2003

The earth finds itself in the position of having a surface temperature which , when averaged , places it between the water 's boiling point (100 C ) and freezing point (0 C , and this cannot be explained by the mere fact that its orbit is located at a certain average distance from the sun . Attempts to explain the earth 's suitability for life based solely on that fact have been unfruitful (Silver , 2008 . The temperatures experienced by the earth , which might be described as moderate , occur as a result of the type of atmosphere it enjoys . Had the earth possessed atmospheres like Venus or Mars , regardless of its distance from the sun it would have inherited similar climates toward the extremes of frozen...

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