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The Ghost dance

The Ghost Dance

The Ghost Dance was a religious group which includes the belief system of Native Americans , accounted in 1980 . Paiutes who were living in Mason Valley which is now U .S States of Nevada were know as Tovusi-dakado (Tovusi - Bulb and Dakado - Eaters . The Northern Paiute used to survive on pine nuts , fish and occasionally they used to go for wild hunts Tovusi-dakado did not have any policatal organizations or officers to direct their group but blessed individuals used to arrange their festivals and activities for the entire group . In 1869

, a Paiute man namely Hawthorne Wodziwob arranged a number of communities to tell his vision to the people resulting up to a promise from their people within 3 or 4 years . During his preaching a shocking typhoid clouted in 1867 This European disease killed one tenth of their populating which brought dis to the economic system . A lot of families stopped to live their nomadic lifestyle which also included harvests for pine nuts and hunting games . Due to this reason a number of families with no option left went towards Virginia City for work

A ritual which was associated with the Ghost Dance religion was round dance ' or circle dance . This dance consisted of circular dance held in the of an individual who directs the dance . An anthropologist Leslie Spier , noted that series of the round dance were presented much by Pacific Northwest which also included Columbia plateau . Much of these rituals included Christian facets . During...

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