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The Analysis of Historical Sources.


Analysis of Historical Sources


College /University




The French Revolution

The Parisian Riots on 14th July 1789 ' is a historical account of the events that took place one day before and during that fateful day when protesters took over the Bastille (Principal Dates and Timeline of the French Revolution , 2008 . The events in the article were narrated from memory by Pierre-Victor Besenval , following the events before the capture of the famous Bastille . Besenval was in command of the royal

guards in Paris , and the decision of how they will restrain the citizens protesting all over the city lay in his hands . During this time , the force and determination of the protesters led him to believe that Besenval and the royal soldiers were no longer in control of the situation . The diminishing power of the royal guards has allowed protesters the ability to storm the Bastille and take weapons or firearms for the greater insfollowing days (Godechot , 1970

This narration , written by Besenval , may be considered a primary source as it was revealed to readers by an individual who has experienced first-hand the events that took place during the 14th of July in 1789 It seemed like a journal or book entry written by Besenval as it narrates what had happened on particular dates during the French Revolution (Primary and Secondary Sources , 2008 ) Although it might have been translated , suggesting the idea that it might have...

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