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“Thanatopsis” Poem by William Cullen Bryant

William Cullen Bryant 's famous poem Thanatopis ' literally means a view of death . This poem is one of the classics about death as it offers a peaceful view of death , comfort for the living , and no matter what a person 's religious beliefs , the poem is still applicable

Thanatopsis ' views death as part of the return to nature , like death is just another phase of life itself . Earth , that nourished thee shall claim Thy growth , to be resolved to earth again (Bryant . This quote explains that as a person has lived upon the

Earth , the Earth will now live upon that person . The person will live on but in another way Surrendering up Thine individual being , shalt thou go To mix forever with the elements (Bryant . What is meant in this quote is that the person goes on living in Nature although each part of the person as an individual is gone

Thanatopsis ' also tells the reader that he /she will not go to death alone . Everyone who has ever died will already be there . Everyone who hasn 't gone yet will be there eventually . Social class or age do not matter we all share one thing , and that one thing is death . In that way , we are all equal and death becomes the great equalizer

Thanatopsis ' also provides comfort for the living . and what if thou withdraw In silence from the living , and no friend Take note of thy departure ? All that breathe

will share thy destiny ' This statement provides comfort for the living as well . For those who seemingly have no one in life , they will not be alone in death . No person ever wants a friend or family member to suffer or to be alone , and Bryant tells us that no person will ever be alone . It is much easier to let someone go in this case

The real beauty of the poem is that it provides comfort to a person no matter what his /her religious beliefs are . If the reader is an agnostic or atheist , the poem views death as just all part of the cycle of Nature . We return to nature . If the reader is Christian , the poem becomes a split between body and soul . The body returns to Nature , and there is no mention of the soul or spirit . The spirit can be seen as going anywhere because there is no mention of it . So this poem is absolutely able to translated to Christianity . In fact , Bryant purposely rejected Puritanism in this poem in favor of a more open and accepting Unitarianism . In fact , if the reader is Buddhist , the return to Nature can be seen as reincarnation . Therefore the poem is in sync with many different religions

The wonderful way that Bryant views death gives the living and the dying much comfort in the process . In the end , death is like lying down on the couch and drifting off to sleep . It is painless and easy . Bryant also gives the reader advice...

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