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Thailands Economics and Politics

Thailand : From a Political , Economic and Social Perspective

In the heart of South-East Asia lies a country formerly known as Siam which eventually became the Land of the Free ' - Thailand . Over the past several years , Thailand has undergone significant transitions in its history of politics and economics . These have caused dire impact upon the lives of its people . In addition to its political and financial concerns , the country has also been burdened with local health issues With Thailand 's present state , it has then been a question whether businesses can still

thrive within its realms

Internally , Thailand is facing critical problems concerning its government , economy and local health conditions . Thailand has frequented much of the international news headlines over the recent years primarily because of its tumultuous politics . Coup d ' etats are no longer a new issue in Thailand 's political record . However , the most recent coup after fifteen years that overthrew the country 's former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra still created a huge blow on the nation

Thaksin Shinawatra rose into power in 2001 . He had led a controversial leadership stride that caused divisions across the country . Thaksin has won the loyal support of Thailand 's rural masses . However , he was also spited by many because of his rough methods and questionable amount of wealth . The corruption allegations , tax evasion and the extra-judicial killings of over 2 ,500 people during anti-drug campaigns that were pegged against Thaksin stirred unrest and protests among the Thais These made the latter even call for a snap election on April 2006 HYPERLINK "http /www .news .bbc .co .uk " www .news .bbc .co .uk , 2008

Thailand remained politically unstable that on September of the same year , the Thai generals led by army chief Sonthi Boonyaratglin conducted a coup while Thaksin was abroad for the UN General Assembly . The military superseded the government , implemented a new constitution , and paved the way for the elections under a new democratic government on December 2007 . Thailand then hailed the new prime minister , Samak Sundaravej , but he is faced with early forecasts of weak administration . During the past decade , Thailand has already incurred severe economic downfalls which began during the Asian crisis of 1997 . The country was severely affected . This was due to the fact that its economy was performing well during the years prior to the bubble burst . Another factor was the sudden economic collapse was something they were not prepared for . Many of the Thai private sectors and companies who have made huge foreign loans were crippled due to the debts that were formed thereafter (Russell , 2007

Another event that bruised the Thai economy is the tsunami that hit the country on December of 2004 . Such natural disaster caused millions baht worth of damages and even deterred inflow of tourists to Thailand Consequentially after the coup of 2006 , Thailand 's economy also plummeted and is still recuperating under the new Samak leadership . Even before Thaksin 's ouster , the Thai economy was already projected to grow at...

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