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Text Analysis of an Image



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01 January 2008

Text Analysis of an Image

The Sydney Opera House

We rarely think of the meaning and significance a text carries through describing various images and ideas . The metaphors and metonymies found in any text connected with image are extremely helpful in understanding how the described object looks , what implication it can deliver to the viewer , and how it can serve the signifier of this or that historical moment . The Sydney Opera House is not an exception : the

br image of this building is so bright and unique , that hardly anyone will confuse it with any other architectural structure

It is written that the Sydney Opera House is a great architectural work of the 20th century that brings together multiple strands of creativity and innovation in both architectural form and structural design (Gombrich 1977 ,

. 103 . However , this is far from sufficient to make us understand how the Opera House looks in reality if we have not ever seen it . It is the overwhelming sign of the whole Australian culture and unique cultural knowledge which is easily identified within the shells ' of its roof . These shells ' have made the Opera House well-known and easily recognizable all over the world Sometimes it seems that they can be identified with some kind of a frozen music . Actually , it is possible to suggest that the image of the Sydney Opera House has given birth to a whole paradigm of associations and connotations . To state that the Sydney Opera House is the icon of Sydney and the whole cultural heritage of Australia means trying to express its significance in several words , which is almost impossible . Moreover , looking at the Opera House 's image , we never think of what its interior contains , because its exterior is what matters for the Australian cultural knowledge

The interrelation of the text and the image becomes closer when we describe the image we have seen to those , who have not a single idea of what object we speak . In such situation and in our desire to provide the listener with the best and the closest to reality of an image , we may use numerous metaphors and metonymies (Gombrich 1977 ,

br 29 . For example , speaking about the image of the Sydney Opera House , we may state that it resembles a white swan ready to fly , with the Opera House 's roof being a symbol of the swan 's wings . The metaphor of white shells above the water ' is very excellently associated with the water which surrounds the Opera House

The shells ' of the roofs represent a bright image from any location and being surrounded by multiple boats and yachts , is harmonically united with them . It can also be associated with a backbone of some ancient mammal having appeared from the water surrounding the Sydney Opera House . It does not really matter which of numerous s one may choose : this does not change the image 's essence . This...

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