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Texas death penalty compared to other states death peanalty in the US

Running Head : Death Penalty in US

Death Penalty in United States

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Death Penalty in United States

San Antonio is a city where approximately 67 percent of people claim to be of Hispanic origin . In 1985 two teenagers Ruben Cantu and David Garza were arrested for a murder robbery . They had broken into a home shot and killed one man and wounded another . Ruben Cantu was executed for the crime while David Garza only admitted to the robbery and got free due to a deal

. Two decades later Garza has claimed that Cantu was innocent and another person was responsible for the murder . This could be the first case in which Texas executed an innocent person (Boots , 2003

Texas has used the death penalty since the early nineteenth century . The typical methods of execution have been by electrocution , lethal injections and firing squads . Crimes such as murder , rape , piracy treason , desertion all carried the death penalty . Currently the death penalty has been applied to crimes which fall under capital crime category . These capital offenses include murder of law enforcement personnel , during prison breaks , person serving life sentences perpetrated during arson or robbery , children and multiple murders (Boots , 2003 . Texas has executed 405 people since 1976 while 393 people are currently in death row (State by State Information . There are many reasons why Texas has a high death penalty rate . Judges in Texas are elected by popular support . Public pleasure drives their desire to impose tough punishments on crime . This increases their chances of getting reelected . Further lawyers are appointed by the court that has little experience in defending capital punishment crimes . Jurors are not allowed to consider less severe evidence during the sentencing period of the trial . Still others believe that the high rate of executions has to do with Texan history of frontier justice

Criminal felony cases are prosecuted in district courts . A capital felony carries the capital punishment . It is defined as intentional or knowingly causing death . Murder of public safety officers , firefighters and correctional employees carries the death penalty . Any murder perpetrated during specified felonies also leads to the death penalty Texas also has the death penalty for remuneration , multiple murders during prison escape , life sentence and murder of an individual under six years of age . Only persons at the age of 17 and above can be executed under Texas law (Garvey , 2000

The Court of Criminal Appeals automatically receives appeals after a verdict is reached and if the defendant is found guilty . If the individual loses the appeals than they can appeal in the Texas Supreme Court , the U .S . Circuit Court of Appeals , and the United States Supreme Court . The governor has limited power to grant clemency to the prisoner The Governor can grant the offender a 30-day reprieve of a scheduled execution . Hanging was the method of execution . After that right till the 1970s electric chair was the legal means of execution The late 1970s has seen lethal...

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