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Weapons of Mass Destruction

The most widely quoted statement about fear its that of Franklin Delaney Roosevelt in his inaugural address of 1933 , `The only thing we have to fear is fear itself . However it is a common theme . H .P Lovecraft said `The oldest and strongest of human emotions is fear

Weapons of mass destruction work by killing large numbers indiscriminately . They are not aimed at particular military objectives but affect whole cities , structures as well as people , the biosphere in general and , by the fear instilled , either by their use

, as in the case of Hiroshima and the atom bomb , or by fear of their possible use , can cause changes in international relationships as well as instilling widespread fear in all parts of the community . Roosevelt went on to say on that occasion `nameless , unreasoning , unjustified , terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance

There are many weapons that can cause such wide spread havoc . These would include atomic i .e . those involving the splitting of the hydrogen atom . Biological weapons must also be classified in this way - by mass destruction of flora , especially crops , a people can come to a state of starvation quickly . A third type would be chemical weapons - those that attack the human physiology such as the gas used in the First World War The term is however used primarily to describe nuclear weapons as used as threats during the extended Cold War between the Soviet Union and Western nations

Although there...

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