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Tennessee Williams` Glass Menagerie disfunctional family

(Williams 64 sc . 5 " He will have to drink , take pride in his appearance , think of himself first , and fall in love with long distances because his father did . If he can do these things , then he will truly be the bastard son of a bastard that he wants to believe that he is . Tom 's problem , however stems from his inability to live up to the example that his father has set for him

In the simplest of terms , Tom is a nice person . He stays with his family for as

long as he does merely because he would feel guilty if he were to leave . Tom realizes that his mother depends on his income to support herself and his sister Laura . He also realizes that Laura might not be able to cope with her life if he left . He knows that his relationship with Laura provides a feeble hold on reality for his sister . The problem is that staying for Laura and Amanda makes it impracticable for Tom to do what will make him happy . Although it seems ludicrous , this situation effectively traps Tom . In the heat of an argument , he tells his mother "I 've got no thing , no single thing -- in my life that I can call my OWN (Williams 39 sc . 3

This overwhelming family loyalty traps Tom in a dead-end job that he loathes . If he would rather somebody picked up a crowbar and battered out (his ) brains (Williams 41 sc . 3 ) why would he stay ? His mother could find work if she wanted . Nothing is truly wrong with Laura , so she could get a job if she chose . Why does Tom have to play the role of breadwinner for this dysfunctional family ? Is it not possible for him to just walk away...

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