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`The Tell Tale Heart` by Edgar Allan Poe (Horror Genre Relation)

The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe as an Example of a Horror Story

Edgar Allan Poe is a landmark figure in history of literature - a founder of modern horror genre , who managed to link medieval gothic myths to literary tradition of the XIX century . Poe had many followers and imitators . In a way all modern horror stories and films are somehow using principles originally introduced by Poe . This is to discuss the role of Poe in formation of horror genre using his Tell Tale Heart as example . The research shall trace

similarities in the story and some pieces of modern horror using comparative method to study literary elements

The Tell Tale Heart has been written by Poe in 1843 . It is composed in a form of a monologue told by the unnamed narrator to some unknown interlocutor - perhaps a judge , an officer or a doctor . The entire story is told from the first person , and this person is trying to convince somebody that he is quite sane , although doubts about it arise from the very beginning at least because the narrator is terribly excited TRUE ! - nervous - very , very dreadfully nervous I had been and am but why will you say that I am mad ? The disease had sharpened my senses - not destroyed - not dulled them . Above all was the sense of hearing acute . I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth . I heard many things in hell . How , then , am I mad ' The man repeats that he is not mad for so many times that it is almost sure that he is in fact mad

Making the story in form of confession used by Poe became rather usual for future horror authors . It allows to demonstrate the world from the eyes of the narrator and show his sick consciousness . The narrator sees that what most of the people do not and make the reader involved to the story . Additionally , the reader can see how different the world of the narrator is from his own and how alone the narrator feels , which adds more terror to the plot . Form of confession has been later used by Hovard Lovecraft in his Lurking Fear or by Steve Beck in his movie Ghost-Ship

Using the named method Poe makes the reader feel himself alone facing some terrible and inexplicable phenomena . In some horror stories evil acts actively , but for Poe the basis of horror is queerness theatricality and unaccountability of that what is happening . When a person faces something what can not be explained by common sense even if there is no obvious threat , fear starts to spread in his mind When some evil creature comes openly to attack a character , the character at least knows what to fight with and when he does not , the only thing he can do is to feel dreary horror . And when a person allows fear to obsess himself , he loses control over himself and fells into despair . Poe masterly describes...

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