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Television Violence and how it effects our children?

: Television Violence and how it affects our children


The effects of television violence on children 's behavior are a reality according to previous researches on the matter . At the different stages of their growth children are exposed to television violence much of which are preventable if parents and the people of television industry will exercise proper discretion as toddlers were seen not to be attracted with the violence but the vivid features of production . Parents can limit their children 's exposure to violence by restricting the amount and types of

programs children watch , which is probably the most effective and common means of mediation for children of all ages and by different strategies that are specifically appropriate for children at different ages . It may be true that television violence does not explain all the causes of children 's aggression . But the television industry should not make things worse to make these children more aggressive by not responsibly exposing children to unnecessary violence . Starting to act while children are young would do much to society . One way for the parents and the television industry to fulfill their noble roles is by preventing the effect of television violence on children by acting more responsibly

1 . Introduction

This seeks to discuss and analyze the reality of television violence and how it affects children . It will start first by knowing who are part of the word children , will discuss the possibility and the manner of effects upon the children under the different stages of children 's life . The hopes to end with a recommendation of what should be done by parents and television industry to prevent the effects of such violence , children if indeed children are affected with television violence 2 . Analysis and Discussion

2 .1 . Definition of a child

Wikipedia (2006 ) made the following definition

A child (plural : children ) is a young human . Precise definitions vary the American Heritage Dictionary defined a child as an individual who has not yet reached puberty , while the Convention on the Rights of the Child defines it as any person under the age of 18 . This article discusses prepubescent minors

Based on the above definition we therefore could include in all our discussion persons below 18 years of age as part of the children and out definition will also include infants and toddlers up to adolescents

2 .2 The reality of television violence based on researches

Television violence does exist and their effects on children based on researches . Josephson , W (1995 ) cited some of these to include imitation of violence and crime seen on television (copycat violence (Bandura , 1965 , reduced inhibitions against behaving aggressively (Bandura , 1973 , the "triggering " of impulsive acts of aggression (priming (Josephson , 1987 , and the displacing of activities , such as socializing with other children and interacting with adults , that would teach children non-violent ways to solve conflicts (Joy , Kimball and Zabrack , 1986 ' Further , she said that television violence has also been found to have emotional effects on children and that children...

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