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Assignment 1

Source : Lundguist , Eric (2009 , Smarter (Government ) Technology Technology for Change Content , 1 July ,

. B22

What This Article is about

The article is about a digital dashboard which is going to be used to track 70million dollars . It a very good invention and need consideration also

Textbook Terms Found in the Article

Digital Dashboard : this is a device which is being constructed for the use of tracking money easily

Effectiveness : this is the limit in terms of numbers or any form of measure in which a person

can measure the progress of the firms and projects

Development : the period of progress shown by any type of invention created

How Terms Are Used in Article

Digital Dashboard : the digital dashboard was created by Feds to track the usage of the tax money inflow . The digital dashboard was so powerful that the government could ask to build one for them

Effectiveness : the creator tried all its efforts to not only track the usage of the money but also the effectiveness of the projects that were hacked

Development : the digital dashboard is so powerful that within 6 weeks the machine was quickly developed and used to track where 70 million were used

What I Learned About Information Technology from This Article

I learned in the article that the money used in the Information Technology department is the money gained from taxes and it has no proper entries of where it is used . The technology is so advanced that it can create...

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