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Technology: The Impact on Sports Today

The Impact of Modern Technology on Sports


Modern technologies - especially the Internet and mobile phones - have made sports information easily accessible to sports fans . Advances in medical science have also benefited athletes by making it easier for them to maintain good health . Disabled people are able to participate in sports too , thanks to modern technology . Moreover , the sports industry seems to be profiting a great deal through advances in technology . For example , the sports website industry is spending a lot of money to help the sports industry flourish . However , there

is a downside to modern technology : it is increasing the number and variety of performance enhancing drugs that are very harmful to health . Growing awareness about the negative impact of technology would hopefully reverse this trend

The Impact of Modern Technology on Sports

Pondering upon modern technology , the first thing that comes to mind is the Internet . The television had brought athletes to nearly everyone 's TV lounge in the twentieth century . Now it is the Internet that allows sports fans not only to watch sports on their desktops and laptops , but also to get acquainted with their favorite athletes by browsing through millions of websites (Lamb . Information about sports and ongoing games is also available on mobile phones (Benderoff . Needless to say , easy accessibility of sports information - in the palm of one 's hand - allows more people around the world to take pleasure in sports . More importantly , this easy access to information has not reduced the number of tickets sold for games played out in the flesh in sports arenas . As a matter of fact , sports arenas continue to be jam packed by fans around the world , day after day

Jones explains other benefits of modern technology on sports thus

Technology is changing sports constantly

With the umpire camera , viewers can see a game as if they were playing middle linebacker

The fans know the speed of a Pedro Martinez fastball instantly and can see just how high

Vince Carter leaps while completing one of his gravity-defying dunks

With all these technological advances the most important gains have benefited the athletes


New medical procedures , knowledge of nutrition , and advanced facilities and equipment

have helped to enhance athletic ability and extend the careers of players

There was a time when an athlete with a knee injury faced major surgery just to find out

what ailed a player . Technology has made it possible for players to find the root of a problem

without missing months of playing time (Jones Advances in medical science permit sports fans to continue being enthralled by the talent of their favorite athletes year after year What is more , modern technology has helped disabled persons to participate in sports instead of simply dreaming about it . At Sydney 's Paralympics , Marlon Shirley of the United States set a world record for new amputees by running a length of 100m in 11 .09 seconds . He later broke his own record by using his hi-tech prosthetic leg , made...

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