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The Technical System: Information, Information Technology, and Information Systems


The Technological System : Information , Information Technology the Information System The Technological System : Information , Information Technology Information System

Technological systems basically perform the function of creating a system which can deal with specific issues or operations using the most effective and efficient sources of technological components . Robots introduced in assembly plants of the automotive industry are classified as technological systems

A technological system may not always be expensive pieces of hardwares and softwares combined to create a system but could be even a single

computer where data is stored which is used on a regular basis . Hence in simple terms a technological system can be defined as the effective use of peripherals to create a system which yields the most feasible results

By stressing on effective and efficient use of the hardware and software we can consider two concepts in management . When talking about the efficiency of the system we are referring to the minimal use of resources to create the maximum number of output possible (Chaffey Therefore , efficiency leads to better allocation of resources and results in increasing profits by saving costs and maximizing output hence maximizing profits . An efficient system in this case would be one which would save the producer 's resources and identify the wastage of resources and provide a suitable alternative which would lead to decrease in wastage and increase in production . An example of an efficient system is the robot example as cited earlier

In contrast to the efficiency of...

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