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Team Dynamics



November 1st 2007

Author : Missy

University of

The need for team work


Leading and participating in teamwork is integral in creating productivity , increasing performance and accumulating consistency in the team . There is a growing need to have a comprehensive approach to expediently manage and participate in a team as well

as utilizing skills and knowledge on being a team player

Leadership in team work is convectional and vests power and gains in a company that facilitates the teams whose role is to approach the task of making the company succeed . Teams also are tasked with foreseeing implementation of various company plans like ventures and new products and services . Teams are seen in sales and marketing of insurance policies and banking and investment services

The need to identify the loopholes and the modalities of approaching this context through understanding the scope and profundity of the team work , its role and how it should perform and be treated by the human resource department is essential . This seeks to identify advice and argue on how team work should be approached and worked out . It defines and counsels on roles of team workers and leaders


Major problems facing teams made to reach various strategic goals and corporate objectives revolve around participation and te practice of team playing , leadership and skill of being a team player . A lot of studies about team leadership and being a team worker have identified various modalities , advice as well as approaches to manoeuvre in team work so as to cohesively and strategically reach the set corporate goals

Changing corporate trends , customer needs , prices and market share complexities have pummelled a rapid shift of goals and the approaches required when approaching the market as well as managing the approaches The need for each individual team player to participate , contributes bargain and introduce his /her ideologies so as to add up to the power of the team 's abilities is essential

Teams are there to ease the burden of individual efforts , and incorporate the approach of team work in seeking to achieve and resolve various corporate perspectives . As such , a concise approach to team work is essential in a company whose setting espouse the collective approach to customer needs is a valuable aspect of team work . This seeks to project the best approaches to team work , leadership and organizational approaches in teamwork

The need for team work

Looking at the market requirements in ventures , the need to have a team approach to attain strategic goals is integral for the department or team required to tackle the venture . Team work onsets through having a focus on the need to be a team team work is adding up skills and ideas to form a strong force that can manoeuvre into projects more successfully (Dong-Jin ,

, Bruce , K , B , James , K , H , 2007

The concepts of team work revolve around strengthening the capacity to achieve goals . The need for a team is to make the input and output of the team to be much efficient (Alderfer , 1977 Hackman , 1990 ) argue that

Teams exist to achieve a shared goal

Team members are interdependent regarding some common goal

Teams are bounded and stable over time

Team members have the authority to manage their own work and internal processes . Teams operate in a social system context

As such each team worker /player , should fully participate , share contribute his ideas on how successful the team should be and aptly participate in decision making in the team . His contribution should be selfless and maximized to help manage time , productivity and increase the proficiency and productivity of the group

Team leadership

Leadership represent the greatest potential , in terms of integrating talent , skills , and ideas , but because of their diversity of training and responsibility , it provides fertile ground for conflict . Team leadership is a demanding and a dynamic aspect of human character . Team leadership requires the following approaches as the elements of good leadership

A team leader should have ample knowledge about the governing laws and regulations of the organization

He /she should know the people and personalities which have guided the organization to its present position

He /she should be armed with knowledge about the reasons for the present laws and regulations and the present position of the organization

Should have proficiency in how to be inventive in suggesting ways of improving the organization while living within the rules of the organization

The team leader in any team or organization should commence his practice as the team leader from a new point or rather afresh and be open to the possibility of learning new managing and leading ideologies and better distinctive approaches to leadership . This means , he adapts to being dynamic and approach the role from a new context . It is important that a team leader sticks to such ideals so as to achieve his goals David S Ken M (2006

A team leader needs to have ethics so as to e an able , respected and a dynamic leader . His personality should project direction and steering of the goals towards success He should have the following virtues as his codes and rules of team workers participation ethics

He /she should write an agenda , with staff input , and make sure the team as well as him does stick to it

He /she should have a rec to write up the minutes , so as to make sure , he keeps in touch and in reference each point so as to make proper decisions

The team leader should make sure he limits his comments by a clear requirement to stick to the subject

He should be ethical and comprehensive of team workers behaviour , i .e Forbid smoking , drunkard ness when in work etc

He should manifest a clear time keeping rule he should make sure he sets the example by starting and ending the meetings on time

Team work and participation in the team

Each member of the team is an equal partner in propagating the objectivity of the team to reach the goals . The team worker should be ready to assimilate to the organization /team culture . This is through taking seriously the agendas and deliberations made and aimed at helping the organization realize it 's goals , and increase its performance

A team player should readily assimilate to the following set of rules as well as strategic guidelines on making his capacity as a team worker more apt

A team player should have apt negotiating skills . From the perspective of David H (1994 ) one should focus on a foursome combo which are




Relationship during the preparation for a negotiation

He /she should be ready to initiate personal development and growth as a team player through accumulating his skills and making them work for the team . This means he /she should count in the overall productivity of the organization

He should be an assertive , responsible and ambitious participant , this will make his role in team to be part of the contributing factors leading to the success of the team

Organization culture

The company experiences shift in goals , alignment of various human resource goals as well changes in its roles . This applies on all departments of the company and the teams formed to help the company reach the set goals of the organization . These changes affect the culture of the client-company relationship which applies (impacts ) on the style of operations of the teams

Teams should understand team work and organizational culture is a system . Corporate culture is dependent on the Inputs which include feedback from , e .g , society , professions , laws , stories , heroes , values on competition or service , etc . The process is based on our assumptions values and norms , e .g , our values on money , time , facilities , space and customers as well as the society . Outputs or effects of our culture are e .g , organizational behaviors , technologies , strategies , image products , services , appearance , etc

The concept of organization culture is particularly important when attempting to manage organization-wide change . Practitioners are coming to realize that , despite the best-laid plans , organizational change must include not only changing structures and processes , but also changing the corporate culture as well . Teams should have this insight at hand so as to achieve their goals as well as perform objectively

Human resources management and the teams

The productivity , direction and consistency of team work reflect on proper legislation based on the human resources management of the company Davis-Blake , A Uzzi , B (1993 . The Human resource facilitates the teamwork through elimination of pitfalls and consistently integrated group goals with individual goals so as to evaluate and devolve strategy and power as basis of effecting commitment and productivity . These practices positively affect productivity and employee morale . These principles in practically , every instance organizations have tried to more clearly identify and then focus on factors that impact their success . Ronald . S , M (2002 ) argues that what organizations are realizing is that their likelihood of sustained success is most dependent on learning to get the maximum out of their employees . Such a realization has had a significant impact on the practice of the human resource . Clearly , HRM does not occur in a vacuum but instead occurs in a complex and dynamic milieu of forces within the organizational context . An important trend in recent years has been for HRM managers and staff to adopt a strategic perspective of their job and recognize the critical linkages between organizational strategy and HRM strategy . The view that HRM personnel are simply pushers continues to disappear , to be replaced by the notion that they play a key role in helping to achieve organizational success and determining the organization 's competitive advantage

Sustainability of team 's consistency and productivity , onsets with the human resource participation in properly administrating on policies and objectives of the company , which the team is tasked to carry out in to achieve various goals for the organization . The need to administrate and properly govern teams is nascent . Team leaders and the team players need to be cohesively involved in working together to achieve the goals set on the time frames set . The human resources department mobilizes and also gives timeframe to work on various programs and other tasks to the teams

Time , goals and well being of the team is the responsibility of the human resource management . For every case of team success , there is an equally compelling case of team failure . Teams can outperform the best member of the group , but there are no guarantees . Teams are not a panacea for organizations they often fail and are frequently overused or poorly designed . In the best circumstances , teams provide insight creativity , and cross-fertilization of knowledge in a way that a person working independently cannot . In the wrong circumstances , teamwork can lead to confusion , delay , and poor decision making Leigh . L , T (2004

Roles of the HR in team work are more explicit and needs more emphasis so as to collectively address the needs that arise in teams and would lead to failure . Many new managers conceive of their role as building the most effective relationships they can with each individual subordinate they erroneously equate managing their team with managing the individual people on the team . These managers rarely rely on group-based forums for problem solving and diagnosis . Instead , they spend their time in one-on-one meetings . Teamwork is expected to be a natural consequence . As a result , many decisions are based upon limited information , and decision outcomes can backfire in unexpected and negative ways (Leigh . L , T , 2004

The role of HR in team work is cumulative and dynamically initiates productivity . The team work should be approached as the basic unit of management and productivity of the organization . Human resources is responsible in overseeing the well being of team leaders as well as the team itself . There are numerous frustrations in teams . The most frequently cited cause of frustration and challenge in teams was developing and sustaining high motivation , followed by minimizing confusion and coordination problems


Team work is diverse , demanding and essential in an organization Aspects of good relationships between team members and the human resources department propagate good productivity and performance . The team , to succeed , should embrace remaining positive and productivity This is determined by proper communication and participation in managing teams work in the organization

The need for successful team work concerns , the well being of the workers who are part of the team which work under the HR policies . Well being involves , stress and productivity propagation . Workplace stress is becoming a problem in top level management and managers are becoming workaholics subsequently manifesting negative attitudes to junior staff HR departments are grappling with increased productivity and demoralized and stressed junior staff . This hypothetical workplace situation is due to workplace stress , which manifests itself in the workplace through work and work programs


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