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Teaching the Concept of Multiplication

Addition and multiplication are two basic operations that children need to learn . The process of addition involves two numbers as addends and its process , the factors . The answer is known as their product . However there is a relevant difference in addition and multiplication problems In multiplication process , numbers represent various kinds of things For example , Mary has three baskets . Each basket contains eight flowers . How many flowers does she have altogether ? This multiplication problem can be written as 3 x 8 24 ' where (3 , the first factor , tells how many baskets Mary

has (8 , the second factor tells the number of flowers each basket contains and (24 , the product shows the cannot be added or processed unless they are relabeled with a common label . For example , the number of sunflowers and roses can be added only when they are labeled as flowers . In addition problem , it can be stated as If you have two sunflowers and three roses , how many flowers do you have ' That is the only way to get their How are multiplication and addition related to each other Multiplication is a repeated addition . For a child to easily perform difficult addition , multiplication would be a great help . He /she does not have to repeat addition over and over again by performing simple multiplication . It would also be a more efficient way of getting the to easily perform the addition and multiplication operations at the beginning . To understand this clearly , some of these models are shown below (Reys , 2004 :Furthermore , each mathematical operation has related or appropriate mathematical properties . Understanding of these properties is essential to children 's comprehension of operations and how to they are going to use it . Although it is not necessary for them to understand these properties to work on the operations , still , it should be developed in them as part of knowledge on operations (Reys , 2004

There are four properties that could show relationship between addition and multiplication . These are the commutative , associative distributive , and identity property . These properties could also aid children to master the operations . Commutative Property says that for all numbers a and b a b b a or a x b b x a . In child 's understanding , if 3 5 8 , then 5 3 must be equal to 8 , too . That also goes with multiplication . This property is helpful because it reduces the addition and multiplication facts that need to be memorized from 100 to 55 . Associative property , on the other hand , states that for all numbers a , b , and c (a b c a (b c ) and (ab )c a (bc . A child understands it as it does not make a difference where he /she starts when adding or multiplying three or more numbers . It is useful because combinations of simpler figures can be chosen to make the operation easier . For example , 25 x 6 x 2 can be done as 25 x ( 6 x 2 rather done (25 x 6 ) x 2 . In distributive property , for...

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