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Task Analysis of a Classroom Procedure

Task Analysis of Classroom Procedures

Procedures are very important in maximizing the time that students are engaged in learning activities . Proper procedures allow students to automatically know what to do given a particular class routine . As such the teacher does not waste any time giving out instructions because the students already know the procedure for such a task beforehand

Research in teacher effectiveness has increasingly stressed that effective teachers organize their classrooms so as to prevent disruptive behavior (Jones , 2002 ,

. 70 ) Therefore , the effective teacher does not hesitate to spend

time teaching procedures at the first few days of class in to achieve an efficient , well-oiled classroom the entire year

Students actually appreciate structure , especially in a school setting According to Harry Wong , The only way to have responsible students is to have procedures and routines for which the students can feel responsible (2001 ,

. 191

Procedures should be taught like a lesson material . When teaching procedures , teachers they should provide clear instruction , carefully monitor students ' progress , and provide immediate corrective feedback if a student or group of students is having difficulty with the material The lesson on procedures should continue until mastery is achieved (Charles , 2002 ,


In to teach procedures , the teacher should take the time to break down the elements into specific steps . This process is called task analysis , where a step or process is divided into units that are taught one at a time , until the target behavior is achieved . Breaking down a task into their simplest components makes it easier to learn and master

The following are some procedures that students must learn and how they can be presented in various forms of task analysis

I . Room Areas : Bathroom

When going to the bathroom , it is important that students be taught how to do so without disturbing the class . Imagine the time wasted when every student needs to ask for permission every time they are going to the bathroom . The following is a sample task analysis of the procedure that a student has to follow when going to the bathroom . The actual style depends on the teacher what is important is that the teacher knows where the student is going without any loss of class momentum


At the beginning of classes , teacher prepares a student apron ' where there are pockets labeled with all the students names . Missed assignments and remedial work are placed in these pockets for students to check everyday . This is also the place where students inform their teacher of where they are going in case they are leaving the classroom The apron is placed in one wall where students can easily access it

The teachers can then give and print out the following instructions

Student wishes to go to the bathroom

This is the intent of the student to go out of the classroom

Student quietly stands , taking care not to disturb any classmates

This is the main task , to be able...

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