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Paper Topic:

Task 10

1 . Observation and

Describe the overall observed teaching situation , including visual aids classroom dycor , seating arrangement , and any additional criteria necessary to present the learning environment

All students are gathered in one place and are seated on the floor , with the teacher in front of them introducing the group activity to be done The teacher presents different name tags and interacts with the students through those visuals . As she presents the different name tags teacher-student interaction takes place

Describe the observed teacher 's delivery of rules and procedures for productive

student participation in class activities

In to create productive participation in the class activity , the teacher asked the students to identify the different roles of the different names presented . Instead of plainly saying what a leader or writer 's roles are , she let the students identify them . As the students identify the proper roles , the teacher adds up some key points in the form of questions . She clarifies other roles of each member of the group , and makes sure that the students affirm those

2 . Analysis , Exploration , and Reasoning

Describe the purpose of the observed instruction as it relates to establishing rules for productive participation

The purpose of the observed instruction is to let the students think and analyze . When the teacher asks something , students understand that their teacher needs and answer . The students think and analyze in to give the response the teacher needs . It is evident that when students actively participate , they understand the activity...

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