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Tartuffe : The Conflict


Tartuffe (1664 ) is one of historical literary comedies that triggered vast controversies against different religious and upper class sectors The comedy has been written by Moliere (1622-1673 ) during the time when the mandate and manipulation of religious friars and Roman Catholic councils are beginning to take hold of higher authorities . Meanwhile the principal conflict being introduced by the novel obviously connotes the allegorical identities between the fictional character of Tartuffe and the real-time Roman Catholic priests , which sum to the issues of hypocrisy and pretentious preaching

. However , as for this discussion two existing conflicts in the comedy exist , which are most of the time ignored (1 ) the offending character of Tartuffe due to his allegorical resemblance to the Roman Catholic Priesthood , and (2 ) Orgon as the allegorical illustration of the King versus the decision of King Louis XIV to support the playwright

The comedy of Moliere , Tartuffe , directly illustrates the character of a cunning , deceiving and hypocrite servant of God who manages to manipulate the leadership and authority of Orgon from childhood until his role as a family head . Due to the religious content and blasphemous thoughts of the play towards the Roman Catholics , various groups have considered the art dangerous and ungodly expose hence , contradicting its thoughts and portrayals . Meanwhile , another real-time symbolical allegory occurs between the role of Orgon as the authority being manipulated by the priest and the response of King Louis XIV towards the comedy despite of his religious councils ' detestation towards the play


Tartuffe is obviously a symbolical figure directly implying the hypocrite nature of most friars during the European 16th to 17th century . Tartuffe has been linked to the family of Orgon even during the existence of his mother . The scenes of Act 1 have demonstrated the grasp of Tartuffe to the authority and dominion of Orgon , especially when Orgon appoints him as the principal advisor of his family . Meanwhile other family members of Orgon distrust the activities of Tartuffe and even suspect him of plotting against Orgon and the rest of the family Unconsciously , Orgon has been overpowered by the psychological manipulation and maneuver of Tartuffe by his claims of being in contact with the Godly realms . Out of Orgon 's great reverence to the religious powers and authority , he has unconsciously provided Tartuffe with the legal controls over Orgon 's material possessions and his daughter Marianne . By the time Orgon discovers the truth , the authority of Orgon has already been compromised , and Tartuffe has initiated his steps of evicting the Orgon and the rest of his family . However , due to the intervention of the King Louis XIV , Tartuffe has been arrested and imprisoned , while at the same time , freeing Orgon and his family from the holds of the false sentry of God

The First Conflict : The Roman Catholic and the Public 's Response

The identity of Tartuffe has been confronted by various controversies from different line of perspectives , particularly in the sight of the (1 ) Roman Catholic...

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