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Target Corporations Performance Management System

Target Corporation

Considering the success of the Target Corporation as one of the top retailers in the country and for having established more than one thousand stores all over the country would only shows that it has made its name . The company has gained its good public image . Based on the record it received the awards for their commitment in diversity involvement in serving the community , innovativeness , excellence in design , and their advocacy for the environment , health and wellness

Generally , in its nine decades in the operation , the company is turning

global by realigning the business to the use of computer-assisted operation through internet and outsourcing with its branch in India This innovative trend is in response to the goal of the company to become even more competitive in the global market , which creates some adjustment in the management system

Strength and Weakness of the Performance Management System

The Target Corporation has two known strength in view of management system : its good management and good employees . These two factors work hand in hand for the success of the company . A well-designed set of policies helps create a type of management system prioritizing employee motivation and workforce that endeavor for a good outcome of the business . Remarkably , Target Corporation has the least record of employee complaints . Indeed , the result of this is customer satisfaction by 70 (Lhe Reel

However , this success on employee motivation is greatly attributed to HR policies and program that entertains complaints and instead of focusing on issues the department would likewise provide alternatives through which the employees would turn to as a solution to the problem HR is considered very efficient in addressing the most complex issues in the workforce as well as in sustaining highly proficient and professional team members for the company through rewards , and incentives despite employee dissatisfactions

On the other hand , as the company is heading to gain visibility to optimize greater market , it designed a technology /internet-based solution to manage its supply chain , which is also cost reducing However , the utilization of this technology somehow resulted to dissatisfaction from employees because of downsizing

Another weakness of the company according to Lhe Reel in his article is lack of employee training to develop critical skills in handling customer queries and complaints . Aside from this , he also noted some problem with low paid workers in the company that causes dissatisfaction . This is important to raise the moral and productivity of the employees


Given this information , Target Corporation as part of continuous mobilization of innovative ideas to become a giant retailing business competitor , has to improve further its human resource policy for employees ' full involvement and participation in the attainment of company 's goal and objectives especially that consumers ' wants and needs is always changing . It has to strengthen its public relation campaign in its promotion of the company values founded on innovativeness . This is surely carried out in their practice of customer service . Sustaining and maintaining good employee relationship is vital in the...

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