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No Talking book by Andrew Clement

`No Talking ' is a book written by the author Andre Clements . He is a popular American novel writer for children . He has won many awards for his previous book `Frindle . His other popular books for children include the janitor 's boy , the report card , Lunch Money and the Laundry News . The book , `No talking ' was published on June 26 , 2007 by Simon Schuster Children 's Publishing and has a filled with some colorful illustrations which have been done by Mark Elliott . It was nominated for a Cybil Award

The main character of the

book is a boy named Dave Packer . He studies in fifth-grade at Laketon Elementary School . Dave Packer is a trouble maker and a loud mouthed student . He is the most important person in the book The other characters in the book also include a girl named Lynsey Burgess . She is a hyper active fifth grader who can never go on two minutes without saying a word . Dave and Lynsey hate each other . Dave represents the boys in the class and acts like their leader and Lynsey talks on the behalf of all the girls in the class . The rest of the fifth graders also play an important role in the book . Since kindergarten , the class has been referred by the teachers , principle and other kids as the unshushables ' for their inability to keep quiet . The principle has to often use her red bullhorn to discipline all the fifth grade chatterboxes

The book falls into the category of contemporary humor . The setting of the book is in modern day America . Most of the story takes place on the school campus . The plot is very simple and revolves mostly around Dave and Lynsey . In Dave 's social studies class he is expected to read and present on India . While studying the information on India he comes across Mahatma Gandhi 's teachings and gets inspired by his quote I sometimes stop talking for awhile , just to clear my mind ' Dave becomes thrilled with the idea of not talking and decides to try it himself When his turn comes to present he just continues coughing instead of talking . Lynsey finds this odd and repeatedly questions him about his silence . When Dave goes to Lunch he continues his no talking policy despite his reputation as a blabbermouth in lunchroom . However , he finds himself completely annoyed with Lynsey 's jabbering about some sweater He unintentionally blurts out the fact that if Lynsey stopped talking for even a little while her head would explode

This complete aggravates Lynsey . She and the rest of the girls decide to take up on the challenge of not talking for forty eight hours . Suddenly a war of silence starts amongst the young girls and boys . The rule of the game is no talking in class except when the teacher asks a question Even that had to be replied with a three word sentence . This silence pact had to be carried out for two whole days . Even talking at...

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