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Paper Topic:

Talent identification and development in soccer


: Talent identification



Williams , A Reilly , T (2000 . Talent identification and development in soccer . Journal of Sports Science vol . 18 , pp . 657-667


This is an integration and culmination of different ways of scouting for talent in soccer through sports science discipline . Key stages in talent search are highlighted which include detection , identification selection and development (adapted from Williams and Franks . Potential predictors of talent in soccer are discussed which include physical physiological , sociological considerations and also the influence of the coach

. This overview is the assessment of scientific aspects of scourging for talents as opposed to reliance on performance or physical gifts (Williams Reilly , 2000

Traditionally talents are scouted for based on purely performance on the pitch and sometimes physical attributes . This article tries to add the scientific side that it is necessary to explain some phenomena that are found within players like some players are prone to injuries more than others and yet all participate in the same sport (Williams Reilly , 2000 . A player performance on the pitch is governed and affected by many things ranging from diet , family influence , time dedicated to training and even relations with couch (Williams Reilly 2000 . This phase of talent searching in soccer is well addressed giving the shortcomings of talent scouting based on physical attributes and performance . Clubs that are looking for young male talent to join their team should at least have a professional sports scientist give to give a second opinion on the...

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