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TX of Codependency in Women vs. Men

Running Head : DEPENDENCY

Treatment of Dependency in Men Versus Women


University The primary of the proposal of this research endeavor is to highlight the similarities as well as the differences in the treatment of dependency of adult men versus adult women . It is clear what the term , dependent , means , and well as what the term means when applied to different genders , and it will be through this research endeavor that these ideas are clearly explained and examined . In essence , dependence is at one extreme end of a relational situation

br between two or more individuals , and being independent is at the other extreme , in this research , also to be termed negatively . The balance point between the extremes of dependence and independence is interdependence . It is the aim that through this effective research , it can be proven that both dependence and independence are ineffective behavior modalities for men and women , and that the behaviors of men and women in achieving effective relational interdependence are unique and different , yet positive and healthy , for each of the two genders

To be dependent is for a person to have too thin of a boundary , physically , mentally , emotionally , between oneself and another person , whereas to be independent is to have too thick of a boundary between oneself and another person . The dependent individual lacks the desire , aim , or clarity of thought to thicken the boundary and move away from another , whereas the independent person lacks the drive to be closer to another . In focusing...

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