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TEFL Online Course - Placement Tests and Proficiency Tests

It is not yet available in every country . What makes iBT different is that it is carried out online and tests all four language skills including , for the first time , speaking


What benefits does the Internet-based test provide

The fact that the test includes speaking and has integrated components allows test-takers to apply their real life language skills and instill within them confidence in their language skills

For institutions relying on TOEFL results , the addition of integrated testing and the spoken test will provide them with a more accurate gauge

br of their applicants ' real language abilities

How do I get my scores

Payment of the TOEFL fee , which varies from country to country entitles the test -taker to one printed record which will be mailed to them and one online score record as well as up to four official score reports that ETS will send directly to the institutions or agencies you designate when registering for the test . In most cases the test taker can access their test results online 15 business days after the exam

Question 3

Unlike the TOEFL which tests reading , structure , listening and writing the TOIEC only tests the test-taker 's listening and reading skills . It is a 200 question test that takes 2 hours . While the TOEFL is designed for evaluation of academic language skills , according to the website the TOIEC tests the student 's proficiency for the global workplace

Question 4

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System ) measures a student 's ability to communicate using the four language skills of reading , listening , speaking and writing

The IELTS is accepted by many American universities and their website features a search option to determine if a particular institution accepts the test or not and what scores they require

Some of the main differences between...

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