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Paper Topic:

(TEFL Online Course) Using Visual Aids

Task 1

Create a timeline to teach : `He was studying while I was playing baseball`

For the above task , I would use the following timeline to demonstrate that the two situations happened at the same time in the past

Task 2

Describe the Visual Aid based on stick figure drawing (s ) you would create to explain : He used to exercise regularly but he doesn 't anymore

To visually demonstrate the structure used to (an activity that we did regularly in the past but do not do now , the teacher could

draw a stick figure of a thin man on a bicycle (labeled then ) and another picture of a fat man watching the television (labeled now . From these contrasting diagrams , it is easy to see that the fat man no longer engages in exercise as he once did - that this was an activity that he did regularly in the past but no longer does

Task 3

Describe the types of realia you could bring into class to help your students learn to ask for and give directions in English

For an activity designed to help students learn to ask for and give directions , a range of types of realia can be used from maps to advertising flyers and travel brochures for attractions in the local area

A good activity could be as follows

Have the students write out directions to get to their home . These directions are given to a fellow student , who using a map , marks out the route that was provided by the first student . Then the two work together to check the results

In another activity , the teacher brings in a bunch of flyers or leaflets for stores in the local area . The students each identify one that interests them and then , with the help of a fellow student who has a map , must obtain directions to get to that particular shop . This activity works best if the students are not so familiar with the area that they automatically know where their chosen store is located

A final activity can be done with maps and brochures of local tourist attractions . A map of the area with the local attractions is posted for all students to see . Working in pairs , the students must choose an attraction that interests them and without disclosing its identity explain to the other student how to get there . Once the second student has all the information , they will check back to ensure they have understood and can identify which attraction the first has chosen

Variation : This activity can also be done in the community with adult students who ask people on the streets or in shops for directions or as a treasure hunt where students must follow directions provided by fellow students to get to a secret location

Task 4

Describe what kind of chart or diagram could you create on the board to teach the vocabulary words ?majority ? and ?minority

This goal could be achieved by conducting a survey of student preferences in...

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