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Synthesizing Diverse Points of View

The question of legalizing marriage between homosexual couples is an extremely complex issue . The situation combines several dichotomous sets of views . First , the religious /ethical view sets the religious conservatives against the less orthodox liberals . Second , the states rights to create any laws not maintained by the federal government have come into conflict with George W . Bush 's campaign promise to make this marriage illegal on a federal level . Finally , prejudicial views permeate the issue with bias becoming apparent on all sides . This essay will explore the political , ethical , and personal conflicts

which compose the nation 's current dilemma of gay marriage

Opposition to gay marriage has been rising . In a 2005 poll , 57 favored a constitutional amendment which would define marriage as only that between a man and a woman (Harper 2005 . Twenty six states have statues that do define marriage this way . Those that oppose gay marriage do so for a variety of reasons that fall into political , religious and personal realms . Candidates running for office are very in tune with polls that give their constituents ' opinions on gay marriage . For example , Republican voters , especially those who are 65 or over and those who are black said that they would not vote for a candidate who did not share their views on gay marriage their views oppose it and support the constitutional amendment (Poll 2004

Religious individuals clearly oppose gay marriage and homosexuality in general . According to a report from the Pew Forum On Religious Life those with a high level of religious commitment now oppose gay marriage by more than six-to-one (2003 . A few of these would favor some legal advantages from homosexuals , but not to the extent of marriage . These individuals point to their fundamental beliefs as to the reason they oppose gay marriage (Religious Beliefs 2003

Even those individuals who do not point to religion as a reason to oppose gay marriage give numerous personal reasons for their viewpoints First , many people are afraid that once homosexuals are allowed to marry , they will then adopt children that will grow up to be homosexual as well . As many opponents of gay marriage see it , same-sex unions will make homosexuality more acceptable and will fracture family values (Abraham 2004 . Of course nobody wants to be labeled prejudiced or homophobic , and many people with valid viewpoints are afraid of this perception . This has led to fewer and fewer people voicing their concerns about same sex marriages . Abraham (2004 ) cites Trace Egan , a 47 year old graphic designer , who illuminates this idea A lot of people in general would rather leave it up to the legislators . but they 're not handling it properly because there is so much pressure on them from [the] other side . I think a lot of people feel , if they do speak out , they are discriminating , and that 's when people shut their mouths

As far as legislation goes , President Bush favors the ban of same sex marriages . Politically , he needed the votes of those...

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