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Synthesis of Nylon

Running Head : Synthesis of Nylon

Synthesis of Nylon


Nylon is a polymer which contains an amide group regularly interspersed along the repeat units of the polymer chain . Nylon 6 /6 is the most common type of Nylon , it contains an amide group after every 6 carbon atom (Nylons http /www .plsc .ws

Due to the presence of the amide group the Nylon polymer is highly polar in nature , and due to its high polarity Nylon acquires a crystalline structure (Nylons http /www .plsc .ws ) The sequence of atoms as shown

in the diagram repeats over and over hundreds of times resulting in a very large molecule . A molecule of nylon has a structure similar to that of a protein molecule (The Science of Nylon

Mechanism of synthesis of Protein

Nylon 6 /6 is made from monomers adipic acide and hexamethylene diamine

In the process of manufacturing Nylon 6 /6 the monomers adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine are made to react in methanol . This process leaves behind a precipitate of nylon salts . The Nylon Salts are then washed in water and then acidified in to cause polymerization . The polymers are then washed and dried in preparation for the spinning process which converts the dried pieces of Nylon polymers into fibers ( HYPERLINK "http /www .beaverloc .com " http /www .beaverloc .com


Nylon possess following properties which make it an excellent materil

excellent chemical resistance

excellent wear resistance

high strength

low water absorption (Polymer Technology Services , LLC

Nylon has many applications it is used widely for making clothes and tooth brush bristles , it is also used for making medical sutures . Due to its high strength it is used for manufacturing engineering equipments


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Synthesis of Nylon...

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