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Symbolic Boasting Lit Review

Symbolic Boasting Literature Review

Symbolic Boasting Literature Review






This discusses symbolic boasting in terms of culture identification , aggression and a trait in young adults that is developed in childhood by identifying self with imaginary characters . These imaginary characters contain traits , the children want to have in them and have a desire to display . However , when it is not possible , they create a story to boast about the traits they want to display in their personality . This may result in identification of themselves

in the characters in entertainment media , in which they find normal and applicable traits and characteristics . When they grow in age , the experiences they face make them to identify themselves with the element in a character

Symbolic Boasting Literature Review

Symbolic Boasting is idealizing the character thus identifying self with the traits in the character one admires (Kenneth Burke , 1974 ) It involves style , which is an aspect of identification . The style evokes a hallowed past or a prized future . In to get a cherished future , an individual try to act will in the present . The style helps a dispossessed individual also to own a privilege by adopting the style of the class he wants to be . This results in symbolic boasting , which is a clue for social identification (Duncan Hugh Dalziel , 1985 ,


After style , the symbolic boasting depends on the culture and identification . Boxer and Diana cited Kiesling 's projection of culture in a group that evaluated the function of language displays and construction of social identities . The entertainment in media shows effect on culture prevailing in a group . The book `Applying Socio-linguistics : Domains and face-to-face interaction , cited Eastman and Stein about symbolic expressions of identity . The absence of power struggle in the course of reigning of interpretation is applicable when the society is small and symbolic boasting of applicable interpretation prevails . However , when the size of community increases , expressions of identity need a context and the characters in media will fulfill the necessity for expressing the identity (Boxer , Diana , 2002 ,

.171 ) The symbolic boasting comes from even marginalization . The resultant powerlessness due to marginality may also cause the symbolic boasting by identifying themselves with celebrities and the characters they play

Social Marginalization and Aggression

The social marginalization may result in aggression in some cases , which can be a result of symbolic boasting . However , this aggression is underhand and cannot be noticed by neighbours . Despite this condition college fraternity mostly girls , try to get popularity in cutthroat contests . They even lie to be accepted , which can lead to symbolic boasting by comparing themselves with characters . Having lot of friends and having trouble-fee relationships with them is an aspect that girls want to have in them . This results in building up of sneak aggressions and comparing themselves with sneak characters in media . In girls , this may lead to sneak aggression as a way for symbolic boasting to keep themselves intact with the social group they are present . When they...

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