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On Sylvia Plath’s Morning Song

On Sylvia Plath 's Morning Song

The first time a mother sees the child she has borne for nine months inside her , she becomes conscious of the fact that the child is a living human being separate from her . Before , she only felt its movements and its weight burdening her tummy . The baby was only a feeling and an image in the mind . After birth it becomes a human being with face , hands and feet . It cries all the time and demands attention . It is a big responsibility thrust upon the parent . Sylvia

Plath captures this disorientation that most mothers might feel when they see their babies shortly after they are born in her poem Morning Song

The poet uses metaphors of objects to describe the baby in the first two stanzas : a fat gold watch ' and a new statue . These compare the baby to a non-human , precious like gold and like a statue in a drafty museum , is ogled at and admired . The mother expresses her detachment when she says : I 'm no more your mother / Than the cloud that distills a mirror to reflect its own slow / effacement at the wind 's hand ' Surely , not every new mother may feel the same way as the mother in the poem . Then again , maybe the sense of detachment is always present it is only the intensity of detachment which varies among women . After all , every new addition to a family requires adjustment on the part of the old members

The poem makes me understand a fact about the essence of motherhood Being a mother is a process . Brushing off the feeling that the baby is an extension of the mother rather than a stranger who suddenly becomes a permanent occupant of the house and family member , does not just happen the day the baby comes out from the womb and into the baby crib . Plath describes how motherhood begins to grow on the mother the moment when one cry ' from the baby makes the mother stumble from bed ' and its handful of notes ' are clear vowels (which ) rise like balloons seeking attention . The constant crying might sometimes irritate , elicit impatience , bother , or worry the parent but in one way or the other , the feeling ultimately transforms into love...

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