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Switching from a trimester academic calendar to a semester academic calendar

Switching From a Trimester Academic Calendar

To a Semester Academic Calendar


The trimester program has normally been implemented to help students learn in a much faster way in consideration with the time and the finances that would be involved within the studying periods that the learning process in trimester universities offer . For several years now the industrialized and top progressed countries around the world have effectively adapted to this particular way of learning . In fact , many among the students within the said countries are able to apply their learned

skills abruptly after attending school

However , there are also some risks that the education regulators face in implementing this particular time-controlling procedure of learning among students . Of course , as said earlier , in terms of time and finances , trimester certainly gains advantage , however , the questions are , are the students learning the important points of the courses that they enroll into in such a short span of time ? Are the teachers able to impart to their students the most important part of the lessons that they teach ? Could it be that the students need more time to learn their professions for application later on ? What are the results of the said learning system in the working industry and how does it affect the performance of the national economy ? These questions primarily raised the possibilities of some universities ' aiming to switch their academic calendar to semester programs

Considering the facts mentioned above , it should then be clear that there are necessary elements that contribute to student learning procedures that need attention in pursuing the switching of academic calendars from trimester to semester program offerings of certain universities . To be able to come up with a considerably amiable plan in dealing with the situation raised herein , it is necessary to consider some certain discussions that would be presented within the paragraphs that follow

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Trimester program

The trimester program , as mentioned earlier has primarily been designed in assisting students who are preempted to be fast learners to attain a degree in college in a much faster procedure , reducing the time and the finances that they are to use to be able to finish their studies . To expand this particular part of the discussion , the finances shall be broken down to categories that would actually show the large amount of money saved by students and their parent under a trimester program

Boarding and Miscellaneous Expenses

Since each trimester is reduced to three months , the expenses that the students would be paying for their dormitories or boarding houses would be reduced as well . Aside from this , the miscellaneous fees and expenses that the students spend while staying within the university would also be reduced in large amount

Tuition Fee Payments

Since through the trimester program , the years spent with the school days are reduced the payment for the tuition fees are then paid fast thus reducing the worries of the parents for paying long term tuition fee rates

When it comes...

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